Frequent questions

This document contains some frequently asked questions and is constantly being updated to keep improving.

If you are a Musa user and you have questions about the interaction, go to the Users section.

If you have another question, write to us at: [email protected]


Musa is a mobile micro-learning platform that helps users acquire knowledge in an accessible way and at their own pace.

We design relevant content that adds value to the achievement of your learning objectives:

  • Knowledge development and retention.
  • Application of skills and competencies in the student, labor and entrepreneurial fields.

We measure and democratize education to generate a material impact on people’s lives. Regardless of where they are or how much time they have, education will come to them.

Right now, I know you have a cell phone on hand or in your pocket, we certainly take it anywhere and use it for everything: shopping, communicating, distracting ourselves, among others. Why don’t we use it to light?

Mobile learning or m-learning allows access to relevant content through mobile devices and offers the opportunity to reach all people.

It is an educational methodology that is characterized by the brevity of its lessons and its learning units, in this way it is much easier for the user to learn.


If you are an active user and have questions, this section is for you.

Nothing happens! Musa will wait for you to take up the course or learn something new.

You will receive a certificate of participation when you have completed at least 75% of the courses.
The certificate can be downloaded in PDF format and contains: your data, date of issue, title of the route you have completed and duration of the course.

You can obtain other certificates by agreement with your organization.

In Musa you can find different content formats:



Medio principal de aprendizaje para el usuario.De 15 a 20 minutos


Soporte al proceso de aprendizaje que se da por medio de otro canal.

De 5 a 7 minutos


Herramienta de apoyo y acompañamiento para realizar procesos.

De 5 a 7 minutos

Of course it is! Musa is designed to protect your personal data. For more information, read the Privacy Policy and personal data protection, which you can find here: Privacy Policy

Verify that the cell phone number you are using to enter the Musa courses is the same that your organization gave us.

If you use another number, you will not have access to your organization’s courses.